Today, June 14, 2023, a special meeting of the licensing board representatives was held via Zoom.  This meeting was to determine if Sandy Edmonds, LA, would become the National Auctioneers License Law Officials Association, Inc. dba/NALLOA, next Executive Secretary/Treasurer, replacing Barbara Schoen who was resigning on June 30, 2023, due to illness.

A brief resume from Ms. Edmonds was sent to all representatives of the 16 licensing board members who ere allowed to cast a vote on this matter.

President Black called for the vote:. All of the below listed voted in favor of hiring Ms. Edmonds: 

Kelli Black-AR                                     LaTasha Poland-TX

Susan Sigourney-IL                           Charles Diehl-NC

Pam Samples-KY                               Laura Smith-SC

Sandy Edmonds-LA                         Donna Potter-OH

Kate Nosbisch-VA                            Keith Warren-AL

Terri Kotcher-PA

Jennie Taggart-NH

President Black made a motion to elect Ms. Edmonds as the next Executive Secretary/Treasurer of NALLOA, effective July1, 2023..  She is to also be given the authorization to open a bank account in the city she resides in for NALLOA.  This motion will also state that Ms. Edmond’s contract will be a little different from Ms. Schoen’s, in that she will be paid monthly instead of the twice a year method as before. Pam Samples seconded the motion and all present voted in the affirmative.

Ms. Edmonds accepted the position and President Black offered congratulations to her.

Respectfully submitted


Barbara Schoen,

Executive Secretary/Treasurer of NALLOA

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